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Modern Applications of Embedded Computers

A computer is a device which has been programmed in order to perform arithmetic and logical operations. To fix something onto another is known as to embed. An embedded computer, unlike a general computer, is attached to other devices. All the operations of the device are controlled by the embedded computer. Another difference between general computer and embedded computer is that the general computer has the ability to carry out multiple tasks while the embedded computer can only perform one task. The embedded computer does not allow the installation of another software while one can install another software on an embedded computer. The following are the modern applications of the embedded computers.

Embedded computers are used in healthcare. The healthcare industry is one of the industry which has benefited from the improvement in technology. The use of embedded computers in healthcare has brought significant improvements. Healthcare devices which have embedded computers are the wearable devices. These devices which are worn on the wrist have the ability to measure the blood pressure and the heartbeat rate. Since the wearable devices are wireless, they are more convenient.

Nowadays, the electronics we use at home possess embedded computers. One can be able to access the internet by using a smart TV. The smart TVs are also updated online. The embedded computer enables the modern TVs to update themselves online. Today, cameras make use of embedded computers. You will take photos with your camera, print them and even send them online. The camera embedded computers also enables a user to download the latest camera features.

In offices, embedded computers are used. An example of an office device which has an embedded computer is a wireless printer. The embedded computers on the modern printers have eliminated the need of using wires. By the use of the embedded computer, the printer can easily receive commands from the user. The printers can be controlled wirelessly and remotely.

Embedded computers are also used in industries. Embedded computers have improved efficiency in the industrial processes. For example, mixing of paints is now done by the use of machines which have embedded computers. An automated teller machine also has an embedded computer. After interacting with the ATM through the use of the user interface, the ATM will dispense the appropriate amount of money.

Finally, embedded computers are used in automobiles. Today, driverless cars are being manufactured. The embedded computer will ensure that safe distance is maintained therefore no possibility of a crush. In vehicles, the embedded computers can also control other features such as the suspension, temperatures, and security systems.

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